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Finding a Herbalife Distributor

Herbalife distributors are the only source for Herbalife products. We provide a convenient way to easily find distributors near you in the United States, Canada, United kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Click on the country of your choice for a list of distributors in your area.

Herbalife Retail Web Site

Independent Herbalife distributors sign up now and our store generator will automatically build your Herbalife retail web site. Give your customers the convenience of shopping at leisure through your secure Internet store. You can have your own professional online store, fully configured, in as little as 10 minutes. You may sign up for a free basic plan or a premium plan. Founded by a former distributor, we specialize in designing and hosting Internet web sites for you. You can start selling from your own professional, customizable web site within a few minutes.

Free Basic web site or $5 a month Premium web site

We offer two types of web site hosting plans. The Free Basic Plan and the Premium Plan. The free plan is free with no cost to you and can be upgraded to a premium plan at any time. The premium plan, with an extensive list of features, is only $5.00 a month (billed $15.00 every 3 months). Sign up today and lock in this unbelievable price for as long as you are a member.

Learn more about the options available with both the free basic plan and the premium plan.

Buying Herbalife Products

Your local Herbalife Distributor is proud to be your personal Wellness coach, providing one-stop answers for your weight management and nutritional needs. Lose weight without feeling hungry. Boost your energy level. Look and feel younger. With Herbalife products you can customize a program, with weight management, nutritional and personal-care products, to help create a whole new you! To get started find your local Herbalife distributor in the United States, Canada, United kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.
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